Responsible Gold Standards

The most comprehensive ESG controls to assure Responsible Gold integrity

  • The Responsible Gold Standards provide the framework for the supply chain to produce “Responsible Gold”.
  • Controls insulate the supply chain from money laundering, conflict financing, and environmental, social, and labor issues.
  • Independent ESG audits, on-going sanctions and media monitoring, and real-time blockchain data analysis assures supply chain integrity.
  • World Gold Council miners and LBMA refiners following ESG standards meet the independent audit requirements.
  • Other supply chain partners utilize the Sustainability Toolkit to raise ESG practices.
  • The Toolkit comprises ESG best practices recommended by the OECD and respected mining, refining and jewelry organizations.
  • Supply chain partners access a software package including the ESG Control Cards, Compliance Monitoring Tool and document  blueprints for policies and due diligence reports.
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