Supply Chain Partners

Responsible Gold delivers supply chain efficiency, traceability and sustainability

Miners and Late Stage Developers

Responsible Gold miners may see their valuations enhanced. ESG debt and equity investors are attracted to:

  • Transparency in gold’s provenance
  • Active management of environmental issues
  • A social license to operate
  • Reduction in systemic risk impacts such as climate change

Late stage developers with a strong sustainability plan may also attract ESG funding.

Rivermet Resources considers investments in junior miners and late stage developers that commit to elevating their ESG profiles. Portfolio companies phase in adoption of the Responsible Gold Standards over an agreed-upon timeline.

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Refiners satisfy jewelers and other customers’ requirements by providing unparalleled supply chain traceability at the click of a button.

Gold provenance is maintained in sourcing and throughout the refining process.

Logistics Providers

Transporters increase efficiency through tamper-proof custody transfers and digital records.

The app generates irrefutable records that show no illicit gold slips into the supply chain under their watch.


Upon launch, Responsible Gold's Bar Security solution GoldID, bolsters vaults’ efforts to spot fake bars, providing greater efficiency and security to clients.

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