Responsible Investors

Responsible Gold with irrefutable provenance is available for purchase

Wealth Managers

  • Gold is relevant for portfolio risk management amid rising concerns over global equity markets and geopolitical risk.
  • Asset managers concerned with gold’s unknown provenance and resulting compliance risks can buy Responsible Gold kilobars instead of XAU.
  • Responsible Gold provides irrefutable proof of provenance and protects the supply chain against money laundering, conflict financing, and crucial environmental, social, and labor issues.
  • The tamper-proof custody transfers from mine to vault deliver supply chain security.
  • Wealth managers may now offer physical Responsible Gold and structured notes for traditional and IRA savings accounts.

Official Institutions

  • Sovereign wealth funds and central banks with ESG investment mandates across asset classes may now buy responsibly sourced gold with provenance.
  • Buying natively sourced Responsible Gold supports the domestic economy.
  • Asset managers may swap their existing gold holdings for
    Responsible Gold over time without incurring credit risk.
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