Responsible Gold

Gold you can trust

Conflict-free and responsibly sourced gold with blockchain-based proof of provenance and supply chain traceability

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Blockchain participation is governed by the Responsible Gold Standards. Supply chain partners follow  best in class environmental, social and governance practices recommended by the OECD, the World Gold Council and the LBMA.

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Gold Provenance and chain of custody are tracked with the Responsible Gold Supply Chain Application. It is the first fully- automated and tamper-proof solution to record gold custody transfers from mine-to-market in real time.

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The bar security solution is called GoldID. It uses artificial intelligence to identify and recognize the unique physical characteristics of each gold bar. GoldID verifies bar identities to prevent fraud and counterfeit bars entering the ecosystem.

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The Responsible Gold Supply Chain Application, operational since 2018, solves the supply chain trust burden



A United Nations’ task force recognizes the Responsible Gold ecosystem as a positive contributor to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

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Shariah Compliance

The leading Shariah consulting firm, Amaine advisors, attests that Responsible Gold exceeds Shariah principles on transparency, traceability and ethical trading.

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Leading jewelers and luxury brands are purchasing Responsible Gold for its chain of custody transparency, positive social impact and supply certainty.

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Responsible Investors

Wealth managers and official institutions have confidence in Responsible Gold. With irrefutable proof of provenance and ultra-secure supply chain, it warrants a premium over gold with unknown origin.

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Asset-backed lenders have full visibility into the underlying gold at each stage of the Responsible Gold supply chain. Real-time tracking reduces lenders’ risk, transforming financing for all participants in the gold value chain.

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Supply chain partners

Miners, refiners, logistics providers and vault operators around the world have tracked gold with the Responsible Gold Supply Chain Application. Responsible Gold optimizes efficiency,  traceability and sustainability across the supply chain.

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